smplay - SpectMorph player


smplay - Program to play a SpectMorph model


smplay [OPTIONS] SM-File


smplay is a command line based player for SpectMorph models (which can be created using smenc). Playing can use the audio card, so that the model will be heard directly, or create a wav file instead if the --export option is used. Since the SpectMorph model consists of sine waves and noise, options to disable one of these components exist.


smplay follows the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with two dashes ('-').

  • -h, --help
    Shows a brief help message.
  • -v, --version
    Prints out smplay version.
  • --rate <sampling rate>
    Set replay rate manually; also useful for specifying the desired rate of the wav file, if --export is used.
  • --no-noise
    Disable noise decoder, so that only the sine wave part of the signal is decoded.
  • --no-sines
    Disable sine decoder, so that only the noise part of the signal is decoded.
  • --det-random
    Use deterministic random generator; this will produce identical noise components if the same file is decoded twice, making the audio output exactly the same.
  • --export <wav filename>
    Instead of playing the file, write the output to a wav file.
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