Documentation - SpectMorph 0.3.4

The essential documentation that you should read in any case is Besides written documentation, a good first impression of how to use SpectMorph can be obtained from our Advanced documentation is available for the man pages of the programs that SpectMorph provides:
  • smenc - program to build SpectMorph models
  • sminspector - program to visualize contents of SpectMorph instruments
  • sminstbuilder - meta script to build .smset instruments
  • smjack - SpectMorph JACK Client
  • smplay - program to play SpectMorph models
  • smsfimport - program to import SoundFont presets
  • smstrip - program to remove non-essential information from models
  • smtool - tool to show/change SpectMorph data from .sm/.smset files
  • smwavset - program to manage multi wave instruments
And the API Documentation of the C++ Classes SpectMorph consists of.
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