smstrip - SpectMorph strip program


smstrip - program to remove extra data from SpectMorph model files


smstrip SM-File...


smstrip is a tool which removes all debugging data from a SpectMorph model. By default, smenc includes more data than is required for playback in the SM-File. This extra data can be removed, thereby shrinking the file size considerably. Note that stripped models can be created directly by the encoder using smenc -s.


smstrip follows the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with two dashes ('-').

  • -h, --help
    Shows a brief help message.
  • -v, --version
    Prints out smsfimport version.
  • --keep-samples
    Strips debugging information, but keeps the original sample data (useful for quality comparisions). This of course reduces the file size less than full stripping.
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